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Claremont Location

*Located in the Pacific Athletic Center

1599 Monte Vista Ave. Claremont Ca. 91730
Location Hours
*NEW* Monday: 3pm-8pm
Tuesday-Friday: 10am-8pm
Saturday: 10am-5pm
*NEW* Sunday: 11am-2pm

Rancho Cucamonga Location

*Located across the street from the Quakes Stadium

8351 Rochester Ave. Unit 108 Rancho Cucamonga Ca. 91730
Location Hours
*NEW* Monday: 3pm-8pm
Tuesday-Friday: 10am-8pm
Saturday: 10am-5pm
*NEW* Sunday: 11am-2pm


Package Deals

Starter Package

2 Whole Body Cryotherapy

2 NormaTec Compression


Advance Package

3 Whole Body Cryotherapy

3 NormaTec Compression


Elite Package

5 Whole Body Cryotherapy

5 NormaTec Compression


Pro Package

10 Whole Body Cryotherapy

6 NormaTec Compression


Full Recovery/ Family Pack

16 Whole Body Cryotherapy

10 NormaTec Compression


Per Session Pricing

Cryotherapy Sessions

Student Pricing Must Present ID ….. $30

First Time Single Session ….. $35

Single Cryotherapy Session ….. $50

Compression Sessions

First Time Single Session …. $20*

*NEW* STUDENT PRICING ….. (Must Present ID) $20

NormaTec Compression ….. $30

Stretching Sessions

Half Body Stretch Session ….. $39

Full Body Stretch Session ….. $69


Cryotherapy Sessions

Monthly Membership

 Four Sessions a Month….. $30 ea

Eight Sessions a Month ….. $25 ea

Sixteen Sessions a Month ….. $18.75 ea

Three-month commitment required.

Plans can be shared among family. Unused Cryotherapy float over.